Assessment Settings - Access Permissions

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Different configuration settings exist for you to personalise Assessments.

These are:

  1. Global Settings.
  2. Help text at the top of each screen.
  3. Field names and tooltips.
  4. Assessment Rankings.
  5. Access permissions.

This article covers 5. Access permissions.

Access Permissions.

Wovex has role-based permissions. Each user is automatically allocated a role when they log into Wovex, and this impacts what they can do and see.

The main roles are:

  1. Guest.
  2. Editor.
  3. Member.
  4. Manager.
  5. Wovex Administrator.

All roles can:

When assessments are included in your Wovex version, by default, all roles can access them.

Role permission: Menu-Assessment > View = True

Members and Managers can also:

  • Create new and delete Assessments, Options and Comparisons.
  • Invite new users to access Assessments and join Teams created to manage them. 

Role permission: Menu-Assessment > Manage = True

Role permission: Menu-Assessment > Invite = True

Managers can also:

  • Access the other settings, including the Global settings cog on screens, edit Translations, edit help text at the top of screens.

Role permission: Menu-Assessment > Settings = True

Role permission: Help Text > Manage = True

Optional :

  • Additional features will be added in the future, and Wovex customers made not want to use these. An additional settings is available to access these.

Role permission: Menu-Assessment > Advanced = True

Changing Permissions

Your Wovex version may restrict access to these permissions, and you can upgrade to manually change them.

Edit role permissions under: Settings > Access > Roles.

There are four roles for each Application level. For example, for Enterprise App Level, Enterprise-Guest, Enterprise-Editor, Enterprise-Member, Enterprise-Manager.


The role permissions when updated will apply to all users.

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