Implementing Wovex on-premise

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1. Introduction

Wovex can be implemented either in the cloud (default) or on a server hosted by your organisation (on-premise).

On-premise hosting involves Wovex providing an update package for installation.

More information is below.

2. Start with a cloud environment 

Many customers choose first to have onboarding and training in a cloud environment. Then, have this transferred to an internal server when ready.

This has the advantage of Wovex having access to the environment for set-up and configuration. Also, this means that access to and experience of Wovex can be quickly gained without waiting for your server to be made ready. A Wovex-hosted cloud environment can be typically set up within 24 hours. 

This is the recommended first step - create a temporary cloud environment.

3. Moving to on-premise

Wovex will be packaged into a zip file and shared with your technical team in a file location/method they prefer.

This will include all the settings, items, data etc., that were set up and used in the cloud.

This typically takes Wovex 3-5 days to complete but can be completed faster if required.


Your technical team can then install the following components onto an internal server.

Typically, the server selected is a virtual Windows server with approximately:

- 32Gb of RAM

- 4 Cores

- 100 gb of storage

Dependencies include: 

  • .NET Framework 4.8
  • IIS
  • Multiple IIS modules for WebApplication server 
  • SQL Server Express for SQL Database server

The App, Database and Storage can all be on the same server. 

SendGrid is used to manage the sending of emails. For example:

  • Invites for people to join, notifications for when they have been removed
  • Password reset emails
  • Notifications that tracking data is due for entry

Alternative email services, like Mandrill, can also be used.

4. Updates

App code updates are typically sent every three months. More frequent updates can be provided for critical changes or when new functions are urgently needed. Zip files are shared in the agreed location.

On-premise customers can have multiple separate environments, for example, for Production, Test and Training.

Each can have its own App Code and Database.

A standard process is to install each update on the Test environment and then update Production after any required tests have been performed.

5. Additional information

It is recommended that your server is regularly backed up to disk.

You need to decide the retention schedule, so how long to keep backups, for example, for three years.

There is no standard requirement for constant synchronisation between databases.

Wovex does not need a separate licensing server.

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