The Workflow can be accessed via the Workflow icon on the navigation bar at the top of the screen.

This is the Wovex navigation aid to allow you to go where you need to go quickly. 

You can see that it's in four areas Capture, Define, Manage and Insights.

Capture allows you to:

  • Download a Canvas document to start to capture early ideas about benefits in a shared document with a very simple template to get you started.
  • View published images including maps and request comments on them. Images of maps or canvases can be shared from Wovex Mapping Powertool or uploaded as an image. 
  • Create and edit Benefit Maps of your own in Wovex.

Define allows you to:

  • Access the Benefits Hub, which is where you get an overview of all the information that you need to define in Wovex, you can filter and search data on any object.  This is also where you find many of the key functions at the top of the screen to start managing your data. 
  • Fast Edit Standard Benefit Measures for your default modelin one
  • Prepare for Tracking by selecting initiatives and creating relationships to the standard measures, to define which measures you expect to be impacted by which Initiatives.
  • Define details around the Change Initiatives
  • Define details around the Risks to benefits and any Mitigation activities

Manage allows you to:

  • Manage Actuals, see and edit performance data 
  • Check and edit the Delivery status of Measures and whether they are actively being tracked in delivery or not and their start and end dates for tracking in one simple screen.
  • Create and manage any Actions and assign them to users
  • Export Profiles summaries of your data for particular objects

Insights allows you to:

  • See standard reports for your model and across models that you have permission to access.
  • Customise your dashboards
  • Set and review alerts for action that you have been set
  • See a list of published dashboards and view