The objects to the left of an Initiative are the Options. They represent options for the levels or qualities that each Initiative could be performed to. 

For example, if an Initiative was ‘buy and run a car’ then you could choose to either not buy one - 'Option 1', buy a small car - 'Option 2' or buy a big car - 'Option 3'. 

There are 2 Options by default for any Initiative, these cannot be deleted, but can be hidden using the ‘Show Options’ button in the Home/ View tab

The two default Options are merely placeholders for whatever levels/qualities of delivery you need to define. You can change the names of all the Options by over-typing the current title. You can also add extra Options by right clicking on an existing Option and selecting Insert Option Below or Above, or Delete.

So if your options are: 'No car', 'Small car', 'Big car' that is what you would call your Options.

These Options are important if you are going to use Scenario to build a plan including this level of detail. They can be used as the foundation for your decisions on what combinations of activity and what timeline will deliver the greatest benefits as early as possible.

Here are some examples of the different ways that you can use Options:

Options examples