Q – Why would I use Wovex mapping rather than Visio or Powerpoint?

A – Wovex mapping allows you to do far more than just produce a visual map.  It allows you to add benefits contribution, options, metrics, owners and more.  This richness will allow you to make informed business decisions.  Wovex will also training how to get the value from mapping as well as produce a map.

Q – What information is there to show me how to use the mapping software?

A – Wovex has webinars that cover the knowledge and methods needed as well as the software.  You will also have access to a range of help materials, all focused on making mapping as straightforward as possible. These materials are developing all the time.

Q – Does Wovex Mapping meet the requirements of the IPA (UK Infrastructure Projects Authority)?

A – Yes it exceeds the requirement for a benefits map, you would need to access other Wovex capabilities to cover the whole IPA benefits lifecycle.



Q – How long will I have access to the Wovex Mapping license?

A – 12 months from when the license code is issued to you.

Q – What’s the situation if I want to keep the license after 12 months or add further Wovex Capability during the 12 months?

A – In both cases, the required products or services would need to be purchased from Wovex (this can be done through G-Cloud or get in touch with us at sales@wovex.com).

Q – What if my project starts after the offer deadline of the end of July 2020?

A – Please put your request in before the deadline so you have the software.  

Q – How long will I have access to the Wovex Mapping license?

A – 12 months from when the license code is issued to you.


– How does the Wovex Mapping Powertool work technically?

A – Wovex predominantly offers a cloud-based solution but we also have an optional 'power tool' for mapping. This Power Mapping tool. This is a desktop product that is downloaded onto your Windows PC.  A user can download the desktop software to two machines with a single license.


– How can I share Wovex maps?

A – In the desktop mapping product users can copy, print and share views of maps as an image file to share in any other format they like.  

Either 1. Create a PDF document of the map - there is a printer called Wovex PDF.

Or 2. Copy the image of the map into a document for sharing (either the whole map or zoom to share your current view) and paste into your document.

3. Users can share screengrabs as Views in the cloud in My.wovex.com and share as a link with anyone to review or comment on the map to build agreement. This allows for wide engagement while maintaining one map locally.


– Will Wovex Mapping run on my machine?

A – Wovex Mapping / SuccessMap is a Windows desktop-based application. When using a PC the software is very light and only requires:

        1. Windows XP or higher (Not Vista and before)

        2. .NET Framework 3.0 or higher

        3. The hardware recommended for this is 8gb of memory and 500gb hard drive, but it will work on less.


Can I use Wovex Mapping on a Mac?

A – Wovex Mapping Powertool will run on Apple computers with a Windows emulator. We recommend Parallels and others are also available. https://www.parallels.com.


– IT don’t want me to download onto my machine, what can I do?

A – Some of our customers have a policy of using cloud-based products only. 

So there are two options. Download onto your personal machine. This is secure as it runs locally.

There is another way that you can use Wovex desktop without installing onto your laptop/desktop.


You could use Wovex desktop as a cloud-based product, with no need to download and install locally:

This is done by installing on your own CITRIX or virtual infrastructure. Your IT team can virtualize Wovex and run it alongside your other applications.

Get in touch with us if you want to do this at support@wovex.com


– How do Wovex Licenses work?

A – When you register Wovex for the first time the software uses your account details to generate two computer codes, each is unique to one machine. These codes are used by the licence server to defines usage rights and how long the machine is licensed for.

After being licensed once Wovex does not need to connect to the licence servers for as long as the licence is in place. This allows users to work in a disconnected environment. Once a licence expires Wovex will be disabled until it has contacted the licence server to access any updates. However, each time you are connected to the internet and start Wovex, it checks your licence days and will apply any changes automatically.  Your free licence is for a year from registration.