Options, links and measures in your model can have a percentage weight assigned to them.

You can discuss and define how much you think each object on the map contributes to the flow of value towards the Objectives.

This weight represents the percentage of Benefit value that each Object or Option is expected to contribute.

This is important when you come to use the Scenario module and test the value of different ways of delivering your work.

On Initiative Options

In terms of Options for example, the Option of ‘Not buying a car’ might add no extra value and so have a 0% weighting attached to it. The ‘Buy a big car’ Option might add maximum value so you would attribute 100% weighting to it and so on. 

You can choose to show or hide the weights using the ‘Show Weightings’ button on the Home/View tab.

On Lines

You can assign weights to lines and capture and then lock-in your decisions on different weights of contribution to the Objectives. These percentages are factored in to all forecasts within Wovex Products.

On Measures

See more elsewhere on how the percentages on measures play through into the analysis within Wovex Products.