In Wovex Maps you can group and then collapse several objects to simplify maps and be able to tackle discussions of only one section of the map at a time for clarity.

Groups allow you to organise the objects on the map into groups. This allows you to pick out important objects for certain users or collapse them for simplification.

Within the Groups area on the left-hand toolbar, you have the option to create multiple Groups for the objects and within those Sub-groups that you can then collapse.
To create a new top-level Group, simply click the green plus symbol to add a category. To remove a category, click on the category you wish to remove within the list and click the red minus button. To create new Subgroups within the Group, select that Group then click the green plus symbol over Subgroup. This adds a Subgroup to that Group. Remove with the red minus symbol.

To add objects to a group, select one or more objects and right-click. At the bottom of this menu three options with regards to grouping objects – ‘Add to Selected Group, ‘Remove from Group’ and ‘Add to Group’. these only show when you have created a Group and SubGroup in advance. Clicking 'Add to Group' enables you to select which group you would like to add the object to from a drop-down.

In order to use the 'Add to Selected Group' option, the group that you wish to add the objects to must be first selected in the tools bar on the left-hand side. 'Remove from Group' allows you to remove the objects from the group that they are already in. Each object can only be in one subgroup but can be in multiple groups.

Objects that are added to groups show a coloured shape above the name or on the ID is showing. You can also show a box around all objects in a subgroup. Click on Format Object Groups. With these boxes you have the option to minimise groups into one object through collapsing and expanding this box. Do this with the little arrow at the top of the Group Object. You cannot delete groups if they are minimised.

You can select all the objects in a group by clicking on the background of the group. You are then able to drag and move the whole group. When the group is minimised, it takes the shape of an object. This retains the colour of the group and the group title is displayed as the object title would be. The minimised group can be moved in the same way as an object, through dragging and dropping. The links connecting the objects contained within the group to objects outside the group are retained and move with the minimised group.

You can also Search and Filter your map using Groups.