Wovex Mapping software has two areas the Map area and the Data area.

The Map area includes; the map workspace itself, the tools bar, a navigation ribbon at the top and details bar on the right. The Tools area has several sections containing the different types of objects. 

These objects can be arranged on the workspace to create a Map.
The Map page is viewed by selecting Map on the Home tab or on the bottom menu bar.


Wovex Mapping also has a Data area. This is where all the data associated with each object can be viewed and edited as a table. The page has a top section that contains the data table and a bottom section where text-rich fields are located. It also has a selection area for Data fields to Display, so that you can tailor the range of data you see. The Data page is viewed by selecting clicking Data on the Home tab or on the bottom menu bar or by double-clicking on any object.

You can edit the visible fields on any object and save the settings in your .Rex file as a template.