Benefit realisation does not happen by magic; there are some process steps and practices that help to keep everyone focussed on success and delivering the most value possible from Benefits.

Using Maps regularly supports this focus on success and turns delivering value into a habit. 

Wovex Maps allow you to map benefits and everything that can affect them, showing the cause and effect of the activity and plans you want to deliver.

A large amount of associated data can be stored behind each object on the canvas. 

Objects are linked to each other to represent their relationship in the flow of benefits towards your ultimate goal - Success. 

Measures can be set for tracking progress towards Benefits and objective. 

Show percentage contribution to targets and contribution of benefit value from plans on the map.

Stakeholders can each be told the story most relevant to them with separate Views on the maps and gain valuable insights that support the right actions.

Maps are living tools to be revisited and adapted as the environment changes.

A knowledge base of information, that captures opinions, assumptions and the agreed data collected in one place for all to see.

Information about people, risks and assumptions can be captured for debate.

Maps can be shared with others and comments can be enabled to get feedback from varied perspectives.

Wizards make uploading existing information or capturing workshop contributions easy.

Design can be tailored to style and layout that reflects your formats and map layouts can be saved as templates for reuse.

By purchasing the Enterprise Mapping, decision-making tools can be applied and rich automated analysis can be seen overlaid on the map.