Wovex Maps can be thought of as a SuccessMap, a Benefits Map, an Outcome map or a Value map they can be used in a variety of ways. We have found that there are so many different names for benefit maps, and Wovex supports them all. 

A Map to Get To Your Destination: Success, Benefits and Value Achieved. 

  • Whatever you call it a good Map shows what you need to do and what is defined as success.  So, for any programme then you might want to communicate with people that this is what success is for the programme and this is what we need to deliver on that success.  This is really powerful in helping people understand that you need a Map, because without a map how would you build consensus on the flow of value with confidence?

One Model Can Have Many Benefits Maps.

  • A Benefits Map in Wovex is one perspective on the data in your Model.  You can have multiple views associated with a Model. They are used for communication, conversations and discussing to improve them and plan for them.
  • A Model is the collection of information and all the relationships.  A Map is looking at some of that in a visual way.  You can have many Maps for a Model and for example, 
    • A Map might have everything in from the Model and this would be really complex.  
    • Or you can have a Map which just shows the things of interest to a certain stakeholder, for example, these are the things which are of interest to your success and what you need or depend on to get that delivered. 

Also see What is a Model?