There are several Objects in Wovex products that represent the delivery of work and incur cost - Work Objects.

By default we've named them Initiative, Capability, Task, Requirement (Output in the Powertool), Asset, Milestone, Deliverable but they can be renamed to suit different approaches.


We use the following terms and definitions:


Initiative: To create something high-level to represent a discrete package of change.

Capability: To describe what an organisation is capable of doing (or needs to be). They could be said to be the Outputs of your work and might capture change in processes or functions.

Task: To capture a specific work activity.

Requirement: To capture necessary conditions that must be met.

Milestone: To define a significant stage or event in the development of an Initiative.

Asset: To determine hardware, software, materials, equipment, buildings, technical designs in the model. 

Wovex products don't care about the name - to the software these are just Objects in the model that can have cost, resources and other information attached to them. These six are internally identical.