There are several Objects in Wovex products that represent the delivery of work and incur cost - Project Objects.

By default we've named them Process, Component, Function and Project but they can be renamed to suit different approaches.


We chose these names for the following reasons:


Project: To create something high-level to represent a discrete package of change.

Component: To allow for assets, hardware, software, materials, equipment, buildings, technical designs etc to be modeled. These would allow different physical architectures and Bills of Material to be captured and costed.

Process: Current process and future processes often need to be mapped and compared to understand their different cost and benefit impact profiles.

Function: Teams of people often need to be represented within Wovex models.

Wovex products don't care about the name - to the software these are just Objects in the model that can have cost, resources and other information attached to them. These four are internally identical.