There are three different types of link in Wovex products and the type of link depends upon the objects that are being connected. 

Note: that not all objects can be linked to all other objects

  1. The thin dark blue lines are Programmatic Links. Those between Project objects (projects, processes, functions, components) and the Objects that they contribute to. These thin lines signify dependencies (specifically finish to start dependencies), like lines in Microsoft Project.
    E.G. If Component A is connected to Component B then delivery of B cannot begin until delivery of A is complete.
    Or in the case of links between Capabilities and Options Capability (A) must be active/in use for the Option (B) to be achieved at a given point in time. Therefore if you want Option B of an Initiative to be active at a given point in time, then you have to make Capability A active by ensuring all its dependencies have been delivered by that point.

  2. Performance Links are the links between Initiatives, Outcomes and Objectives. These links represent a positive contribution to the following Object in Benefits Realization terms. I.E. As the first Object's performance improves the performance of the following Object will improve in turn.
    A blue line indicates a positive relationship between the first object and those it contributes to. A red line indicates a negative relationship between an Object and those it contributes to. I .E. As the first Object's performance improves the performance of the following Object is reduced.
    To change the Line Type, simply right click on the link and select Line Type. This allows you to select whether the link represents a Positive or Negative Influence.

  3. Annotation links are the third type of link between Objects. These links are simply a visual representation of a relationship between the two objects that needs to be considered. They can be black or green. Green indicates a requirement but no weight or value to the line

The width of lines as either thin (Programmatic or Annotation) or thick (Performance) is set as default. But now with Enterprise Editions of Wovex Products you can also change the width of any line for emphasis whenever you like. Right click on a line and see Width.