Outcome is a more generic term with fewer confusing associations. 
Outcomes are results of a change or a capability being put to use, whereas Benefit implies something that is necessarily beneficial.

Situations where Outcomes has proved to be a more useful term:

  1. Some Outcomes are perceived as beneficial by one person but as dis-benefits by another. For example ‘decreased staff numbers’ can be good or bad depending on your perspective. There is no value judgement in the word Outcome.
  2. You may also wish to represent any known dis-benefits, negative effects or unintended outcomes your work on a Map so that you can manage and reduce them.

We’ve sometimes used outcomes in example Maps for these reasons. However, Benefits is our default and you can always change the name of any Objects to your standard terminology in the Objects tab. You can also set a flag on an Outcome to say if it is a dis-benefit or even create a separate Object type for disbenefits if you like. See Outcome Types.

Wovex products have been designed to be flexible to suit many different modelling styles and approaches. If you prefer to use Outcomes for these reasons found that this removes some of the confusion around use of language.