Wovex simplifies, integrates and clarifies the entire benefits management process without the need for additional tools. This reduces errors, effort and risk.

  • MAPPING. Identify and quantify benefits by using the most popular mapping approaches or create a variation that’s right for you.
  • DATA. Quantify and capture data needed in one place. Multiple import and export options support integration with existing systems and processes.
  • STORIES. Appraise and interrogate maps to understand connections and dependencies. Present, communicate and engage audiences using different stories and reports.
  • BUSINESS CASE OPTIONS. Plan using scenarios that interactively show the impact of different sets of Initiatives in terms of financial and non-financial benefits. Understand and compare expected benefit, cost and resource needs.
  • PROJECT PLANS. Assign costs, resources and milestones for options and see the activity in your programmes in terms of the benefits they deliver. 
  • TRACK & REPORT. Capture data and understand how and whether your investment is delivering benefits. See RAG status for Benefits, Measures and Initiatives in one place. Automatically create regular governance dashboards.
  • PORTFOLIO OPTIMISATION. Understand the impact of portfolio change on forecast benefits, budget and scope and make informed decisions.