What is the value of Wovex?

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Organisations using Wovex can manage:

1. Non-Financial Value. Reflect on all the value gained from investments rather than the financial aspects.

2. Multiple Areas. Represent many areas of change e.g. projects, programmes, portfolios, contracts.

3. Multiple Benefits. Manage varied benefits across the change areas, especially non-financial ones.

4. Benefit measurement. Build a simple set of measures and draw from common measure packs to use them consistently.

5. Reporting. Meet the benefit reporting needs of decision boards and senior stakeholders. Better inform influential groups or individuals who care about the benefits we deliver. 

6. Comparing Evidence. Show evidence of the benefits performance calculated, grouped and compared in many ways.

7. Informing Decisions Single Source of the Truth. Help decision boards and senior stakeholders make more informed decisions from a single source system with a reduced number of spreadsheet and reliance on them.

8. Accountability. Build more accountability for benefits.

9. Being Responsive. Better respond to time-sensitive needs to analyse, see and manage threats to performance.

10. Simplification. Have a more simplified process and shareable set of capabilities.

11. Doing More with Less. Do more with the same data and resources than the current manual processes and workarounds.

12. Maturity. Increase our maturity in benefits realisation management.

Wovex offers different benefits to different people in your organisation.

Senior Executives and Directors

1. Choose projects best aligned to goals so you can be confident in delivering strategic priorities. 

2. Have a centralised database of benefits so you know what is happening at your fingertips.

3. Have standard measures and processes, so you have high quality trusted information.

4. See all key financial and non-financial benefits, so you have a complete picture of the value being added.

5. Use automated checks to highlight issues early enough to resolve.

Change & Portfolio Leaders

1. Use tools to meet requests for complex benefit status updates in minutes rather than days.

2. Control access and changes with built security features to reduce worry about data.
3. Automate activities to manage the benefits of more projects with the same resources.
 4. Use a centralised and integrated system, so you have a single version of the truth for benefits.

5. Visually engage people with benefits maps to agree that plans can deliver the benefits.

Benefit Managers & Leaders

1. Automate basic tasks so you can provide a faster and more value-adding service.

2. Have a stable standard process and tools, so it is easier for more people to start managing benefits.

3. Use review functionality to help more people achieve their targets and increase their participation.

4. Have more projects included, so see a more complete and valuable view of benefits.

5. Analyse benefit data and relationships to gain valuable insights with a fraction of the effort.

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