Wovex release notes for 18th April 2018

This release note is only for the limited release to v5 alpha program members.


  • Cloud mapping expanded. Share views for comment with a couple of clicks, overview window and copy maps as different image types for inclusion into documents (different options for quality and size of image).
  • Cloud mapping experience improved - more natural interface.
  • Set environment mapping standard for shapes - default colour, sizes, shapes etc. for every type of object. 
  • Ability to hide objects from all maps implemented - sometimes you don't want an object to be seen on any map but store only as data. In desktop see these on 'Objects not on views' on Tools bar to the left of the canvas above Groups.
  • Transparency of shapes fixed - improved ability to overlay shapes on one another.
  • Add and edit benefit map views in the the cloud.
  • Flexibility of storing relationships between objects increased - rules that drive automated linking in the database based on maps has been improved to help retain data integrity and ability to query extra data relationships.
  • Double-click on object text no longer takes you to edit the data behind. This reduces the chance of going to the data behind objects by mistake. 


  • Searching improved, with dynamic filtering of results.
  • Template environments for new users has had a major upgrade with quick reference categories to know what each field does, its purpose and recommended maturity level.
  • New 'Advanced' area for the more advanced configuration options in the Settings area. Simplifies set up.
  • 'Contacts' is the new name for 'People' to make clearer what this central list of contact information is for.
  • Can have fields on forms displayed in 2, 3 or 4 columns. For those forms that you want to squeeze more information onto the screen.
  • Stakeholder relationship fields improved. These better support different ways to structure maps that make maintenance much easier.


  • Email text of alerting people that one of their measures is due is now editable by administrators. Create your own personal message.
  • Formula editor improved - auto suggest enhanced.


  • New 'artwork' interface to make using a visual experience. See images for models, outcomes, measures etc. that the user can tailor. Use your own images to represent what is important to you. This is dynamic so adjusts to your browser screen size.
  • Side menus simplified to increase usability. Reduced scrolling through and easier to understand.
  • Mobile phone menus added to improve access through small mobile devices e.g. to track on the go, update basic data and see key reports.
  • Quick implementation tool created that enables environment configuration to be 10x faster. Customers can have a tailored environment faster and partners can offer different template environments for e.g. different industry sectors and maturity levels.
  • Tooltips now possible on menu options, picklists and more. You can add your own descriptions by changing the standard help text on the tooltips.
  • Extra improvements to data/environment set-up to reduce the effort and steps to do.
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