Wovex release notes for 16th January 2018

This release note is only for the limited release to v5 beta program members.


  • Objects from maps (Main View) are seen directly in the cloud.
  • Desktop templates can now be stored centrally in the cloud environment for an Enterprise (Enterprise edition only)

  • New headers and sub-headers for profiles, to increase personalization.
  • Add your own sections to profiles, to structure data as best fits.
  • Improved numbering, editing and saving of forms, to make easier and faster.
  • Standard searches have been expanded to optionally include all the 'extra Category' pick list values.

  • 'Simple Benefit Forecast' function changed to 'See Selected Measures'. This is a query function to see key Benefit Measures, all in one place. Some functionality and changing forecasts has been moved/enhanced: see Tracking.
  • Sync of tracking data improved.

  • New 'You Measures Due' function for 'bullet proof' entry of tracking data by those with no time or training.
  • Change tracking tracking periods to be early/later 'in-flight' before or during the collection of data.
  • New Snap-shot function enables data from different points in time to be saved for use in reports and analysis.
  • Extra tracking fields added to support greater analysis.
  • Simplification of wording e.g. 'Forecast Goal'.

  • Date/Time now added so you can see when the cloud version was updated.
  • Possible to 'Make a suggestion' directly from desktop and cloud platforms.
  • Other minor improvements and fixes.

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