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Mapping Launch Questions

We've had a few questions about the launch - here are the top ones. 

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Q:  I have two laptops, can I use the software on both?

A: You get two registration codes with your subscription so, yes, you can use on both. Download and install on both machines and the registration codes are sent to you.

Q: Can I upgrade or downgrade after buying? I'm not sure which to buy.

A: Compare features of the editions here

You can upgrade or downgrade at any time:
If you upgrade, the difference to the next payment will be taken when you do this.

If you downgrade, you get longer until the next payment is taken, then the subscription adjusts.

In both cases, the agreement stays at 12 months from when you took out your first subscription.

Q: As an expert who works with clients, do I need more modules than Mapping?

A: A good question. There are two choices for experts:

1. Be expert with Premium Mapping and sign up as a Wovex Partner. Also, take part in the learning events and be ready to advise/help your clients buy when they are ready.

2. As above, with additional monthly investment to have your own environment with all the modules. This enables you to set-up an environment your clients can use before they need their own. Use this to differentiate your consulting/other services.

Q: I want to use the Enterprise edition of Mapping, can I?

A: The Enterprise edition is a powerful tool that integrates closely with the an Enterprise cloud environment. We therefore only make this available to Enterprises or key partners (see the previous question). If you are in an Enterprise and are interested in an environment for Benefits Realisation Management, or in becoming a full partner, then do contact us.

Q: I have a non-Microsoft machine, can I still use?

A: Yes, you just need a Windows emulator. Information on minimum spec and use on a Mac are here.

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