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Realisor Cloud - Side Menu Bar - Order of topics


In Model Manager 'Objectives' is below sub-plans/capabilities. My suggestion: move  Objectives to the top of the list. Al least that's where I expected it to be.


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Hello Ruud,

These are still being changed as we add new functionality so you will see the navigation change over time. 

The aim is to have the most used and managed features highest, so Outcome and Measure Profiles are now the first.  Does this work better for you?

We will review this regularly though so thanks for your input. I take the point that we often start with Objectives when developing a Benefit Map. However, Objectives are one of the more settled Objects once work is underway and less likely to be changed or referred to as often as say a benefit measure. Is there another reason why you would want to see it higher up? If this is a usability issue long term do keep us updated. 

Thanks for this


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